Overview of the major manufacturers handsaws.

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    How to choose a handsaw?

    Makita Saws

    Like any self-respecting woman should be cosmetic with the set of ladies' trifles, and any real man must necessarily have a toolbox. And, of course, one of them must necessarily be drinking. This versatile tool is a must have in the economy. At the cottage, he can be useful for pruning, cutting firewood or boards in a city apartment - a reliable friend, if you like tinkering. But owners often wonder how to choose a saw, what to look for when buying, because today in selling a huge number of models. Try to give you some advice.

    Consumer or professional?

    Saws Bosch

    First of all, you should decide - what exactly do you get this tool and how many hours a day, he will have you involved in the work. Based on this, we will choose - what we need Saw: professional or consumer. If you intend to use the tool only as needed for domestic purposes (not more than 20 hours a day), then you would be enough conventional saws farm type - amateur. Its main advantage - low weight. Power tool too small, but to perform with simple household saw homework, it is enough.

    If you decide to do carpentry business professionally, and will operate the saw at least 5-6 hours a day, then you should pay attention to is a professional tool. He and power much higher and much more resource. But the most important difference between the professional saws from home is that the latter has a motor. It can work about 10-12 hours a day without overheating. Such a tool is now widely used in forest areas for logging, as well as the construction of wooden houses.

    Saws Dewalt

    What are we going to cut?

    Saws come in several forms, and they should choose based on the nature of work. The first kind is a circular or circular saws. Their purpose is very simple - accurate cuts in wood. If you build or rebuild the country house, and you will from time to time you have to saw boards or wood - you saw this necessarily useful in their work. She has high performance and precise cut. In the market, electric and gasoline saws that relate to professional tools. The most popular of professional saws are the model of the American firm DeWalt (U.S.) and Japanese Makita. And among the household - circular tool brand Skil (Holland).

    Saws Hitachi

    If you are the owner of a large infield, where from time to time there is a need for small construction works, then perhaps you will be ideal for chainsaws. Many on hearing the word "chainsaw", which can often be seen on television in scenes felling. This is exactly chainsaws running on gasoline. Also has electric chain saws. They not only help you with firewood or sawing wood. With chain saws can cut it even lightweight concrete or PVC pipe. Such a tool is quite high performance. The production of professional chainsaws, primarily Japanese company specializes Zenoah Komatsu. Models of this company have won wide recognition among consumers.

    Husqvarna saws

    Another category of drink - it jigsaws. Such a tool is required to you, for example in order to make curved or shaped notch cut wood or steel. If you need a handy tool, select the jigsaw fitted with a mechanism pendulum action. With such a mechanism to work faster and more convenient tool. Professionals should pay attention to those same firms saw Makita (Japan) and DeWalt (USA), and in models for residential use perfect price-performance ratio can be seen in the German firm jigsaws Kress.

    Cut small diameter in remote places - this is a job for reciprocating saws (they have the device works similar to a jigsaw) and elektronozhovok. In a word, the saw easy to choose, it is important that it is ideal to cope with its functions and the various tasks. And did not the men "beautician" unnecessary, superfluous subject.



    Diamond Saw Interskol OM-115/1300
    Interskol OM-115/1300

    Circular Saw Makita 5903R
    Makita 5903R

    Reciprocating Saw Hitachi CR14DSL
    Hitachi CR14DSL

    Cut Saw Bosch GCD 12 JL
    Bosch GCD 12 JL

    Mitre Saw Metabo KGS 315 Plus
    Metabo KGS 315 Plus

    Chainsaw Sturm GC99376
    Sturm GC99376

    Belt saw Saw DeWALT DW876
    DeWALT DW876

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